Remapping the Origins| Discussion/Workshop

ZETA Center has the pleasure to invite artists and directors, that are working in the video-film media, to send their applications to participate in the online discussion/workshop: “Remapping the Origins”.

“Remapping the Origins” is organised by ZETA Center, under the mentorship of Johannes Gierlinger (artist and director, based in Vienna) in the end of November, and moderated by Olson Lamaj (artist, based in Tirana).

Starting from the Gierlinger’s recent cinematic works (“The Remapping the City”, “In Plato’s Cave” and “The Dreams Order”), realised during the period, 2015-2018, the conversation will be expanded by exchanging the experiences with the participants.

This discussion/workshop will try to clarify the ambiguities about the elements of the creative work in the field of cinematography and beyond. The primary focus will be the city, as a platform of resistance, a sieve of memories, a space to face the past and above all for the necessity of the reflections on the challenges that societies are facing today.

Those who are interested are kindly requested to send a text (max – 300 characters) arguing the reasons for participating in this project, to the address:

Deadline: 25 November 2020.

Selected applicants will be notified immediately by email.

The project is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Tirana.