About Us

“ZETA” is a center/gallery, established in 2007, dedicated to
contemporary art and the promotion of artistic values transmitted
through the work of established and emerging artists and their treatment
of the socio-cultural context, through cooperation and by creating links
with institutions and centers abroad as an opportunity of exchanging
In addition, “Zeta” promotes collaborative practices between artists
and curators, critics, researchers and other professionals of the artistic
sphere so as to contribute, thus, to an active contemporary art scene
in Albania. This contribution entails cultivating the public and promoting
contemporary art, both of which we consider integral characteristics of
emancipated societies, through exhibitions, presentations, cooperation
projects at a local, regional and international level.
“Zeta” uses a space of 150 m2 and is located in one of Tirana’s most
attractive areas.

Zeta opened the door for the public in 2007 with “The undisclosed
drawings”, a personal exhibition of prestigious Albanian artist Edi
Hila. Until now Zeta hosted up more than 100 events, solo and group
exhibitions with Albanian and international, emergent and establishes
artists. Until now more than 200 artists have shown their artistic works
in Zeta.

The board of ZETA

Valentina Koça, Executive Director

Zef Paci, Art Historin, curator

Edi Hila, artist

Stefan Çapaliku, artist, dramaturge

Sadik Spahia, artist, professor at Art University in Tirane

Matilda Odobashi, artist, curator

Gjergj Pervazi, choreographer

Blerina Muça, artist_children art education program

Ana Bytyci, personel

Enkeleda Stefani, accountant

ZETA Uses a very equipment space of 150 m2 located in Rr. Abdyl
Frashëri, P 31, A/4, Hekla Center, Tirana, Albania.