Ervin Bërxolli_Around

23 shkurt/February- 7 mars/march, 2017

Aristotle—’Memory is the scribe of the soul’

There is a certain sense in destruction or collapse on the ”remnants of the soul’ even when things seem in harmony at first glance.

Each moment of our everyday life is under the obsessive observation of the memory and photography is the tool that reinforces the fact that there is nothing random in its focus … each pause of the artist highlights “the reasoning of the invisible”!

Within Ervin Bërxolli’s memory is like making a curious promenade throughout the nature

and its traces and getting embodied in an herbarium album, exploring her anatomy, breathing, fragility, sometimes drowned by the urban forms, as an unavoidable weight of our violent intervention.

His photo- installations does not describe a specific place, they are presented to us as particles of the cosmos, where the mysterious contact with nature is poetic and pure, where Nothing Is Everything …

Adrian Isufi, curator








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