Georg Frauenschuh_Every insight is a flashback

Every insight is a flashback

Georg Frauenschuh

30 shtator / September – 15 tetor / october, 2015

Georg Frauenschuh came to Tirana in the context of a month-long studio scholarship by the province of Salzburg. He completed this stay with the exhibition ‘Every insight is a flashback’ at the Zeta Gallery.

He carried out a mural. The painted elements create a pictorial space that is congruent with the exhibition space. The planned exhibition envisages a temporary situation that – analogous to his stay in Tirana – will eventually exist only in memories, including distorted memories, and will be preserved photographically at best.

The artist was born in Salzburg in 1979 and is living in Vienna. He studied painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and at the National Academy of Art Sofia. Alongside exhibiting in numerous shows in different cities such as Vienna, Berlin, Beijing, Chicago or Istanbul, he is also lecturing at the Kunstuniversität Linz. He was awarded the prize of the Theodor Körner Fonds and the Faistauer recognition prize.

The exhibition runs until October 17, 2015 and is kindly supported by the Austrian embassy and Raiffeisen Bank











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