ZETA at Parallel Vienna 2015

ZETA at Parallel Vienna 2015

September 23 – 27


The participation is supported by FAVA.

Parallel Vienna is taking place in Vienna and remains true to its principle of using abandoned property in the city centre as a presentation platform for new and established art. This year, galleries, artists, project spaces and curators were exclusively invited and selected by Parallel Vienna.

In 2015, Parallel Vienna utilized the large premises of the Alte Post in the first district as a platform for contemporary art, thereby creating a unique framework for innovative exhibits, exchanges and sales.

Parallel Vienna 2015 is an art show, exhibition, gallery and studio. As a meta-organization whose do-it-yourself (DIY) principle translates into the infrastructure of the artistic institution, the exhibition platform manages itself: a trading centre for new ideas and a dedicated testing ground for self-professionalization.

This year, Parallel Vienna presents insights and divergent works of new and established contemporary art with around 200 national and international artists, 20 galleries, 40 project spaces and 42 artist spaces, as well as 15 independent curators.

Matilda Odobashi

Yllka Gjollesha

Ardian Isufi

Matilda Odobashi (b.1988, Tirana) is an Albanian visual artist graduated at the University of Arts in Tirana, Albania. Her work is a reflection upon the interpersonal relations and issues of coexistence between people living and sharing common spaces. She works mostly in the mediums of drawing, site specific installations and painting. Odobashi has been part of several residencies and exhibitions in Albania and abroad, among which Free Home University, Lecce, Italy; Salzburger Kunstverein, Austria; Balkan Express Caravan – Art in the Balkans, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Zeta Art Center, Tirana; FAB Gallery, Tirana; Onufri Award, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania; King Nicole Castel, Bar, Montenegro; Idromeno Award, National Gallery of Shkodra, Albania; Tirana Art Lab, Tirana; Ardhje Award, TICA, Tiana, Albania; Metropolitan Theatre, Tirana, Albania; SztukiJatki Gallery, Poland. She currently lives and works in Tirana, ALBANIA

Yllka Gjollesha (b.1985, Dibra, Albania) is a Tirana based contemporary video artist that investigates the emotional effects conveyed by the image and the sound. Her works are emotional, poetic and take the public far away in time because of their nostalgic elements and love for the forgotten things. She works as an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tirana. She has participated in many national and international artistic events as Imago Mundi, Benetton Foundation Project, Albania (2015); “Music Talks” Galerie Im Tralkhaus, Salzburg, Austria (2015); “Post New Albania Artist” Museo Pino Paskali, Italy (2014); “TIME” – FAB Gallery, Tirana, Alb (2014); “Young Albanian Filmmakers Festival” NY, USA (2013); Onufri, National Art Gallery, (2012); “For those who cannot enter” Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Alb (2008) Documentary : “Light” Elegy about Gjon Mili (2016); Producer of “Dasaria” (2014); Script and director of documentaries for Human Rights Day (2011-2013)

Ardian Isufi, (b. in 1973) is an Albanian visual artist, graduated at the Academy of Arts, in Tirana. He has been a lecturer since 1996 and now is an Associated Professor in the University of Arts, Tirana. His work is a reflection upon the dictatorial period and personal relations with that time. He works mostly in the mediums of installations, arte- fact and painting. He has participated in many national and international contemporary artistic events as Tirana Biennial, in 2009; winner of “Onufri” -the International Visual Arts Competition in 2005, third price and in 1996, second prize; ” Umbrarum Theatrum ” – Zeta Art Center/ Gallery, Tirana; FAB Gallery, Tirana; “Death of Artist”- small gallery, ALB; Unidentified Object – Promenade gallery, Vlora, ANTIHOMAGE -Historic Muzeum, 2015, Tirana, etj. Lives and works in Tirana, Albania.