Marina Sula & Bjørn Segschneider_SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN


5- 18 shtator/ September, 2015

Marina Sula
Bjørn Segschneider

For the exhibition SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, the Vienna based artists Sula/Segschneider will develop a series of works that set urban and social places in Vienna and Tirana in a dialogue. Location scouting is a main point in both of their works.

Both will create an abstract kind of rhythm and atmosphere that stands representative for that location and that moment.
Places in Vienna are „recorded“ and transferred to Tirana, places in Tirana are searched during their stay to find and work in their formal process, and combine them in two own positions that create a dialogue between both artists and between both capitals.


Portable sunshade with a tropical flair. Simulated fronds rustle in the breeze to remind you of carefree island life and relieve the tensions of the workaday world. A must for city dwellers. May be used with plastic stalk and base for interior decor accent.Order several and experiment.

– Philip Garner, Palmbrella

If a place can be defined as relational, historical and concerned with identity, then a space which cannot be defined as relational, or historical, or concerned with identity will be a non-place (…), meaning spaces which are not themselves anthropological places and (…) instead are listed, classified, promoted to the status of „places of memory“, and assigned to a circumscribed and specific position. A world thus surrendered to solitary individuality, to the fleeting, the temporary and ephemeral (…).
Non-places are the real measure of our time, one that could be quantified – with the aid of a few conversions between area, volume and distance – by means of transport (…), the airports and railway stations, hotel chains, leisure parks (…) and the complex skein of cable and wireless (…).
The word „non-place“ designates two complementary but distinct realities: spaces formed in relation to certain ends (transport, transit, commerce, leisure), and the relations individuals have in these spaces (…). Non places mediate a whole mass of relations, with the self and with others, which are only indirectly connected with their purposes. As anthropological places create the organically social, so non-places create solitary contractuality (…). The link between individuals and their surroundings in the space of non-place is established through the mediation of words, or even texts. Non-places are defined by: their „instructions for use“ (…), their invasion by text (…).
Words and images in transit trough non-places can take root in the – still diverse – places where people still try to construct part of their daily life.
A person entering the space of non-places is distanced (…) by the environment of the moment.
The space of non-places creates neither singular identity nor relations; only solitude and similitude. What reigns there is actuality, the urgency of the present moment.

– Marc Augé, Non Places – Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity, 1992












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