Edi HILA | Meantime


June 10 – June 25 2010
Curated by Zef Paci

In the creative course of activity by Edi Hila, a lot of changes have occurred. Changes of both aspects, form and content, happened during two decades. In the 90s, his creativity awakens the poetic nostalgy of a city painted with the muse of modern art dreaming, by spiritually and sincerely including a vague childhood situation. In the exhibition pictures is noted a careful attitude which makes you face ‘incomplete views” where you can not easily penetrate and the images dot not allow a quick reaction in the impact moment. Compared to previous cycles before when artists painted related to senses, this time, the author has a completely different cycle, one that touches or conveys feelings of solitude, forgetfulness, threatening, fear, and of temporary situation.


The Process, 2009,129 x 162 cm, oil on canvas