Johannes Gierlinger | A history of ideas

Johannes Gierlinger

A history of ideas

Opening, 29-09-2021, 18:00

ZETA Center for Contemporary Art

The 3 Channel installation at the solo show of the Austrian artist Johannes Gierlinger, “A history of ideas” is a reflection on how to deal with history and memory in the formerly pluralistic and revolutionary Polish city, Bialystok. The work reflects on history and memory and links it with current social developments in Bialystok. In the work young people from Bialystok are asked the following questions: Is history important? Do you have to look more critically at the world? What does resistance mean? The interview partners refer to the interpretation of history, criticism and whether there are forms of resistance. Thus, the history of ideas becomes a reflection on the reading of historical events within collective historiography and the culture of commemoration and indirectly refers to the current political events in Poland and Europe.

This project is supported by the Österreichische Botschaft Tirana/Ambasada Austriake Tiranë and Raiffeisen Bank.