ARDHJE Award 2018 – Finalists Exhibition

ARDHJE Award 2018 – Finalists Exhibition

Fatlum DOÇI, Blerina MUÇA, Remijon PRONJA, Sokol PEÇI

Curated by: Alban HAJDINAJ

June 1 – 20, 2018

Opening: Friday, June 1, 2018 – 7pm

Zeta Gallery – Tirana





Fatlum Doçi. Seeds, 2017-2018.
Installation, dimensions variable. Pumpkins, willow tree branches, hydraulic tubes, light bulbs.






Blerina Muça. From the series Roi – Somewhere Home, 2015-2018.
Acrylic on canvas, six acrylics on paper, dimensions variable.






Remijon Pronja. An die Freude, Nushid AlFarah, 2016.
Single-channel video, color, sound; 3.08 minutes.



Sokol Peçi. Motherland, or A Mirror to Spit, 2012. Photography, print on paper, 60cm x 90cm.