Stefano ROMANO | RGB


An exhibition by Stefano Romano

15 shkurt / February- 16 mars / March, 2018

The acronym RGB describes an additive color model in which Red, Green and Blue mixed together create the other colors. RGB is also the reference model for the reproduction of video images and was chosen as the title of the exhibition for the connections to both works presented; the video series “poems” – of which are exhibited the first six videos realized by the artist – and the series of “monochromes” made on cotton paper with red, green, blue and black pens.

Stefano Romano (Italy, 1975), he lives and works in Albania.

Romano works in aprocess field through performances, installations, video and photographic works, He realizesephemeral, diasporicalactions of an aesthetic act that can no longer neglect conflicting demands of social reality.  His work focuses on the search for identity and the contradictions that this continual searchgenerates. His work has been showed in National and International exhibitions such as: Stamp Gallery (College Park, Maryland U.S.A.); BACO arte contemporanea (Bergamo, Italy);Artopia Gallery (Milan, Italy); Careof (Milan, Italy); Placentia Arte (Piacenza, Italy); GAMeC area Palestra, (Bergamo, Italy); Galleria Alice&altrilavori in corso (Rome, Italy); Macro Future (Rome Italy); GC.AC (Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy); Neon campo base (Bologna, Italy); Triennale (Milan, Italy); Chelsea Art Museum (New York, USA); Tirana Bienale3 (Tirana, Albania); The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artist, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Vrsac/Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro).






























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