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The Player

8 – 25 prill /April, 2017

Kosta Koçi presents paintings and sculptures which embody the passivity and melancholy of the human in the Albanian society. He focuses on common people, living in the peripheries of the city.

The sculptures are composed of recyclable materials – wrapping paper-cardboard boxes used to wrap industrial products.

Kosta Koçi born in Tirana on 1963.  1982, graduates for sculpture/ ceramic, in “Jordan Misja Licee”, Tirana. He is an Albanian artist to work in both painting and sculpture and he is exposed in different mediums home and abroad: 2016 – Premium Quality, Galeria Zeta; 2015 – Parallel Vienna Fair;  2014 – Fix You; 2012 – Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden; 2009 – People & Time, Galeria Zeta,Tiranë & Galeria Xhema, Vlorë; 2010 – Gallery of the city , Mantova, Italy; 1996 –  National Gallery of Arts, Tirana; 1995 – Gallery Academius, Athena, Greece; 1993 – Gallery of the city, Paderborn, Germany; 1988 works at animation studio for cartoon movies in KINOSTUDIO.

He works in Tirana.

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