ARDHJE Award 2016

October 2016

T.I.C.A. –Tirna Institute of Contemporary Art, Tiranë organised the  ARDHJE Award 2016.

The curators, Helidon Gjergjin and Stefano Romano selected 4 artists for the finale of the Award ‘s exhibition  – ARDHJE 2016.

The exhibition was made in the collaboration with Zeta, center of contemporary art, Tirane.

Artists Finalist

Donika Çina begins her search with personal stories. Through the use of different means of expression, the artist examines her internal world, transforming it into a universe that is open to all.

Driant Zeneli concentrates mostly on re-defining notions of failure, utopias and dreams. His videos and performances are based on and/or create stories with a vintage feel to them. These works, in turn,provide viewers the opportunity to reflect on superhuman efforts without being required to transform into mythological heroes.

Lek Gjeloshi focuses on the delicate and almost imperceptible space located between the void of nothingness and the high demands on ourselves or the individual, in general. He sheds lights on the fact that the separation between these two opposing stances is enabled by a simple mental “key” which,depending on an on/off position, changes our attitude towards society and the world from the emptiness of absolute denial to the infinite opportunities present in a promise.

Matilda Odobashi focuses on the appearance of reality as perceived by the eyes of a child. This view from the eyes of a child- i.e.from “below”- is placed in a short circuit with the reality constructed by adults – i.e. from “above”. The artist achieves the representation of this contradictory relationship in simple installations where the viewer, at first, experiences a moment of awe followed by the confrontation with the country’s harsh social situation.

The Jury of ARDHJE Award, made by Janka Vukmir, Elsa Demo and Albert Heta selected Lek M. Gjeloshi, as winner of the price, as a promising artist whose work expresses a persistent quest, the force through fragile images. An energy that encourages you to better understand the human condition today.














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