Cycle of Conversations

Cycle of Conversations on culture

Edison Çeraj
Elsa Demo
Gezim Qëndro
Jolka Nathanaili
Zef Paci

This cycle of conversations on culture evolves as a need to make the cultural and artistic climate, in particular, a richer one. The guests, that are coming from different areas will refer to their latest research, and then will be held a free discussions between the referrer and the participants.

Elsa Demo, journalist_The wall magicians_According to the archives of a journalist / Journalism reports on the arts and culture during the last decade. A communication code that maintains the status-quo of isolation and conformity.

Zef Paci, art historian_A look at the Marubi’s archive

Edison Çeraj, artist_For a phenomenology of totalitarianism_The essence of the conversation will be to trace the phenomenon of totalitarianism, that is a kind of phenomenology. More than the totalitarian locals of the last century and their legacy still present in many places, is to seriously address today’s global totalitarianism. A “test” for this is the amnesia that has affected the individual and a hyperactivity of certain groups and societies.

Jolka Nathanaili, psychoanalyst_Stains: these real traces_






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