Edmond GJIKOPULLI | Return to the museum of the gods

Exhibition: “Return to the museum of the gods”


December 15, 2015

“Return to the museum of the gods” is the first of two exhibits which the artist Edmond Gjikopulli presented. With an extensive and rich artistic activity and professional maturity, Gjikopulli displays in this exhibit, filled with nostalgic elements, the lesser-known part of his creative beginnings, a period when, for most Albanian artists, new doors were opened, doors formerly closed and considered blasphemous, and the influence of these “untested” concepts became the new fashion and a second school for the Albanian artist of the 1990s. The main axis of this exhibit consists of paintings and drawings influenced by the best known modernist artistic currents and leading figures and supported by other works which, although completed more recently, are in great harmony with this journey back in time. The event was kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture.