Workshop | Gutenberg and Movable Type

Workshop: “Gutenberg and Movable Type”

November 12 – November 14

By Anila Shapalaku (Lecturer)

The workshop was held for students of the School of Arts “Jordan Misja”, Tirana, and aimed to introduce the history of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type, the knowledge of the economic and political environment at the time, the elements which made art a part of industrial production, the introduction to the history of paper, the process of creating paper manually, the story of the tablet, the step-by-step creation process to the conception of an exhibit. The “Gutenberg and Movable Type” workshop with the artist, doc.

Anila Shapalaku, is part of the Zeta Center’s educational program, kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the directory and staff of the School of Arts “Jordan Misja”.