Edmond Gjikopulli_Synopsis

Exhibition: “Synopsis”
13 march 2008
In the series of paintings of artist Edmond Gjikopulli, following the first
impression, which confronts us with a loyal reproduction of reality, what
is noticeable is, firstly, all the paintings are in the same format, rectangle
or square and secondly, despite the changeability of the ‘event” or
‘the subject’, all of them have a meta-subject – CONSUMPTION.
The ‘repetition’ of the dimensions, tones, colors and subjects – in their
different appearances – creates an‘Event”. This is not obtained from
the narratives of the different paintings in this series, but formed during
the working process that the artist has chosen as his artistic act.
Edi Muka, curator


Tregu/ the market, 250x 75, oil, 2005

Në plazh/ on the beach, 100×100, oil, 2007

Metrazh me kilogram, 75x75cm, oil, 2005

Arush dhe lepurushe, 75x75cm, oil, 2005

Në plazh, photo, 2007


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