MIDISSAGE | Florian Sorgo

MIDISSAGE by Florian Sorgo


27.10.2023, 17:30

ZETA Contemporary Art Center


Installative uncertainty spaces with explanatory text

“Doubt […], the state in which one wavers undecidedly […], because […] reasons do not allow […] a […] decision; […]

However, the doubt […] is often the first […] investigation,”

Florian Sorgo came to Tirana in the context of two month-long studio scholarship by the province of Styria, Austria, organised by ZETA Center and T.I.C.A, supported by Land Steiermark – A9 Culture, Europe, Außenbeziehungen.Florian Sorgo studied Philosophy at the University of Vienna and Transmedia Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.His artistic work is content-oriented or process-based, and thereby often result-open, which makes the choice of medium or technique play a subordinate role.He was co-founder of the art collective perlimpinpin (2015-2016) and the art space SINK (2020). In 2022 his book “Found Compositons” was published by Verlag Forum Stadtpark.