EDEN 2: Moving Billboard

EDEN 2: Moving Billboard – Monday, 31 July 2023, at 7 pm.

ZETA Contemporary Art Center is pleased to present Moving Billboard, the second chapter of the exhibition Eden, Eden, Eden, part of Manifesto Desertion. Agitated by La Société Spectrale (Armando Lulaj, Jonida Gashi, Pleurad Xhafa). Moving Billboard is a performance-based project that explores the possibility of deserting established models of exhibition making.

Conceived as a collaborative project, La Société Spectrale invited twelve artists to each contribute two works to Moving Billboard: one of their own making and another by a deceased artist whose practice has been important to them and whose work still speaks to the present moment or the imminent future. The works were then presented on twenty-four billboards, so that each billboard suddenly appeared in a previously undisclosed location in Tirana for a one-hour interval before vanishing from view just as unannounced. The time interval and the location for each billboard were selected by La Société Spectrale and the entire performance took place over the course of a single day. This intricate process enters the gallery space and is made available to the viewer in the form of photographic documentation displayed on a single monitor, so that to every billboard corresponds one image which appears on the screen for one minute while the project as a whole takes on the form of a recurring twenty-four minute loop.

With billboards by: Issam Badr, Zef Bumçi, The Question of Funding, Deniz Gezmiş, Barbad Golshiri, Martin Johnson Heade, Alban Hajdinaj, Osamu Kanemura, Theodore John Kaczynski, David Kampi, Edward Kienholz, Kioumars Pourahmad, Tong Lam, Marco Mazzi, Chris Marker, Pınar Öğrenci, Walid Raad, Sara Rahbar, Ketty La Rocca, Christoph Schlingensief, Alessandro Scotti, La Société Spectrale, Dziga Vertov and Ian Wilson.

Manifesto DESERTION was supported by: Foundation for Art Initiatives, Goethe-Zentrum Tirana. Co-funded by the European Union, Kooperativa (Regionalna platforma za kulturu), NKSS (Nezavisna Kulturna Scena Srbije, European Fund For the Balkans.-