Call for Archives | Camilla Crispino, Giorgia Minisini, and An Paenhuysen | minìsae

Call for Archives

Do you have an archive? An archive consists of something you treasure and that you wish to set aside to preserve for the future. minìsae is looking for informal archives that need help to survive. A survival kit will be created to support your archive and breathe life into it. The kit serves as a tool to access the archival material in different ways and make sure a trace remains. It can also be made mobile and shareable with others.

How to apply?

Write a few lines about your archive and / or send us some photos.

What does it mean practically?

You decide how much you want to be involved. We can meet physically or virtually. We can visit your archive or you can bring the archive to us.

Languages: Albanian, Italian, German, English

Deadline: Friday, 3 May 2023

minìsae is created by Camilla Crispino, Giorgia Minisini, and An Paenhuysen. It involves dance, movement, writing, visual arts and cultural history.

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Supported by Goethe-Zentrum Tirana, Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Tirana.