Jakob Lechner | no umbrella – no problem

Jakob Lechner

“no umbrella – no problem”

Opening, 18-10-2022

Jakob Lechner came to Tirana in the context of a two months-long studio scholarship by the province of Salzburg, supported by the Österreichische Botschaft Tirana/Ambasada Austriake Tiranë and Raiffeisen Bank.

In the exhibition entitled “no umbrella – no problem” by Jakob Lechner is presenting works he made in Albania, Italy and Austria. The shown pieces make a partially loud, in any case diverse conglomeration consisting of painting, drawing, sculpture and video. Recurring themes in Lechners art are love, transcience, nature and technology. In his pictures and objects he uses found materials, like stones, bones or remnants of man made products, as well as found images or forms.

Photo from the opening exhibition

Photo from the opening exhibition

Jakob Lechner, (*1986 in Salzburg, Austria) is visual artist who lives and works in Vienna. He studied painting and graphic arts at the University for Art and Industrial Design, Linz (2007-2014).His solo exhibitions include: (2021) Sisko, editiondoppelpunkt, Linz; (2019) “north, east, west, south”, kluckyland, Vienna; (2018) Kismarton 2018, Kunstverein Eisenstadt Aquarellhapening, Mehlerhaus, Tux art albina art prize, Kulturwerkstatt Oberalm; (2016) when the clouds turn blue, Kunstverein Galerie Paradigma, Linz, art albina art prize, Kulturwerkstatt Oberalm, Oberalm Bratschi Pratschu II, Ze Tux Gallery, Tux; (2015) Nächste GenerationVII, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg; (2014) Boulevard Noir, Kunstraum Suburbia, Linz-Leonding, Kunstgenuss Essen, Stadtmuseum Nordico, Linz Love Game, Arthur Schnitzler Park – Bahnhof Baden, Baden bei Wien Hole Night, Rother Krebs, Linz; (2013) between domestic and wild, Kunstuniversität Linz; (2012) Entre chien et loup, Diving school, Bristol BestOff, Tabakwerke, Linz Olympic Sports & Art Exhibition, Guildhall Gallery, London reglose Steigerung des Ungreifbaren, PP 6, Linz Demons & Pearls, NÖ DOK, St. Pölten; (2011) Sprachquellen / Bildflüsse / Textmeere. Linz an der Salzach, Künstlerhaus Salzburg Bundesliga Art Challenge, ZS art, Vienna.The exhibition will stay open till November 4, 2022