Pendulum|Cultural Dispatches From Albania|Poetry On The Edges|Second Episode| Diana Malaj

In this second episode of “Pendulum: Cultural Dispatches from Albania”, Diana Malaj, a cultural activist based in Kamza explores the poetry of Luljeta Lleshanaku through the city and the city from the poetry of Luljeta. During their conversation they read parts of her poems and talk about her experience between the village and the city and how that has shaped some of the edges of her poetry. Just like poetry, the city is not an organic whole but a fragmented totality that we always grasp in pieces.


Pendulum: Cultural Dispatches From Albania is a new podcast created by a group of artists, writers, thinkers and makers in or connected to the historic capital city of Tirana. Produced in association with the Goethe-Zentrum Tirana and Zeta Center, under the mentoring of Arsalan Mohammad, this series of episodes features each member of our group exploring a personal and artistic aspect to the cityscape. Through art, architecture, poetry, literature, design and technology, each podcast articulates an impression of the city’s psycho-geography and its unique personality.