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Pendulum: Cultural Dispatches From Albania is a new podcast created by a group of artists, writers, thinkers and makers connected to various phenomena that characterize the history of Albania. Produced in association with the Goethe-Zentrum Tirana and Zeta Center, this series of episodes features each member of our group exploring a personal and artistic aspect to the cityscape.

We have the pleasure to share the result of the first podcast made by the visual artist, Lori Lako under the title “In And Out Of Octopodi”.

We are thankful to Arsalan Mohammad, for the mentoring and to all the participants in this episode, Alketa Ramaj, Doriana Musai, Eni Derhemi, for their contributions!…/7794549-pendulum-podcast-in-and…

In & Out Octapodi | First Episode

What are the abandoned buildings whispering to us?

In this debut episode of ‘Pendulum: Cultural Dispatches From Albania’, Lori Lako, a visual artist based in Florence, Alketa Ramaj, a visual artist based in Berlin and Eni Derhemi, an artist and art historian based in Bologna, create narratives that take the listener inside three abandoned buildings in Albania. Once, each of these buildings signified political and idealogical statements, today they are neglected and exist in a suspended state, derelict or defunct.

Our narrators explain their personal connections to the buildings, from childhood to the present day and invite us to consider the contrast between personal histories and political eras.

In the second part of the episode Lori Lako interviews Doriana Musai, architect and activist based in Tirana. She talks about the transformation of the city of Tirana and highlights the importance of the preservation and documentation of the architectural heritage.

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