Sara Çapaliku and Xhorxha Nikolli |In From The Margins

Exhibition: “In From The Margins”

Leader of the project: Sara Çapaliku, Xhorxha Nikolli

April 10, 2014

“In from the margins” is a photo exhibition by a group of young people, who populate the peripheral parts of Tirana. The exhibition comes as the result of an artistic workshop conducted with the young residents of Kamza and its surroundings. For the first time, they were publicly introduced with the duty to “target” certain “external” aspects of their daily lives.

The process of photographing, itself, that seems to harden the phenomena and to “freeze” the time, is in fact, an important indicator of their standing towards the world. There are those who want to share the absent “beauty” among us and those who decide to slap us in the face with the ‘ugliness’, for which we should all feel guilty. In the end, what they let us understand is the expression of a need for dialogue.