Leonard QYLAFI | Museum of Nature

Exhibition: “Museum of Nature”


November 22, 2013

“Museum of Nature” is a painting-based project consisting in a series of oil paintings of different dimensions. Initially started as a series of photographs taken by the artist inside the Museum of Nature in Tirana/ Albania, the project goes through a careful selection process, creating this way the gallery of single subjects to be painted. Each of the selected pictures becomes the source for the paintings; they maintain the original composition and are “portraits”,” figures”, and interiors.

The transferring process from photographs into paintings is a synthetic one, the artist research now is purely focused on the visual and pictorial aspect of the subjects. Once he starts the painting process, the artist is metaphorically “free” from the photographs and out of the museum. He re-creates through painting still but complex subjects which are, lonely, mysterious, proud and beautiful, wrapped by the light which gives to them a timeless dimension.