Undisclosed Drawings

Exhibition Opening: 6 December 2007

The sketches and the water colors are the product of a difficult era. They convey the internal battles of the artist while he was living and working in the context of a climate of dictatorship when freedom was fully suppressed. They are keep sake journals and do not represent an accurate reproduction of facts, but rather a reflection which seeks to artistically represent the events and the feelings that linger in the artist’s memory.



The Intellectual in the middle of women, 1975, pencil, 32 x 35 cm.


Under the sacks, 1975, aquarel, 43 x 28 cm.


Water Orchestra, 1987, aquarel, 51 x 36 cm.


Man with the Sack, 1975, ink, 23 x 25 cm.


Area Security Officer, 1970, oil on cardboard, 60 x 40 cm.


Preparations for May Day, 1978, collage, 29 x 23 cm.


Drying the Banners, 1979, aquarel, 31 x 24 cm.


Two Doors, 1970, oil, 49 x 36 cm.


A Game with Pierced Sacks, 1975, aquarel, 21 x 24 cm.


Women Sitting on the Sacks, 1975, ink, 20 x 21 cm.


Quarreling Women, 1975, oil on cardboard, 34.5 x 50 cm.



Edi Hila: Eksperimenti i komunizmit në pikturë

(ORA News, shtator 2017)

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