TAF (Toward a future through the past)

TAF is a project that engaged young people from the field of art and culture, in nursing homes, through cinema, literature and music.

For several consecutive days, within the framework of the TAF project (Toward a future through the past), supported by READ, the Regional Network for Cultural Diversity and the European Union, students from the University of Arts and artistic school “Jordan Misja”, read and played music, by local and international authors, in nursing homes in Tirana.

Toward a Future through the Past is a project rooted in the notions of time as specific to Tirana’s population members of different ages: youngsters (standing for the ‘Future’) and elders (standing for the ‘Past’), with middle-aged citizens mediating in-between. Two or three very distanced generations of people can relate to each other in various ways. In order to bridge the gap between them, the project was conceived with an idea that cultural work and artistic practice (classical music, acting, poetry and cinema in particular) could be an innovative model of mutual care for each other. This is especially true when it comes to a long-term care needs for elderly population of Albania who reside in nursing homes in Tirana and belong to a marginalized minority group, neglected by the rest of society.