Nina Kerschbaumer | Mercedes, Gucci, Mystery


Nina Kerschbaumer is a filmmaker and artistic researcher based in Vienna, Austria.

Her body of work is centered around the juxtaposition and friction of analog and digital production methods as well as fact and fiction narratives. She studied Film at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under Harun Farocki. Through her ongoing doctoral research in film and pop culture she is exploring the praxis of young people documenting their life through photography and video via platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

During her visit in Tirana, Albania, organized by ZETA gallery in cooperation with the Culture Department of the Province of Salzburg,she is planning to realize a photo-series about Tirana, the local youth culture and its relationship to cars.

Nina Kerschbaumer’s artist-in-residence program is supported by the Austrian Embassy and Raiffeisen Bank in Albania.


Nina Kerschbaumer. GTI or How much I love cars. 2013.
9’30”, 16mm, color, no sound, 1:1:66. Courtesy of the artist.