Jorgji GJIKOPULLI | Solo exhibition

Exhibition: “Solo exhibition”


October 2014

Jorgji Gjikopulli is known in Albanian art scene for his individuality. Although in his seventies, showing a youthful spirit he is still very demanding on his daily work. Born and raised in the beautiful Albanian Riviera, with a long and successful artistic creativity, Gjikopulli continues to “produce harmony and musical chords” in his painting. With an “almost phosphorescent” palette, he sends the viewer in new, pleasing and aesthetic spaces, recalling dreamy situations and spiritual peace, through a downright childish trip.

In this exhibition he comes with a new series of works, which appears to be natural continuation of his pictorial research of these last years. The landscapes are re-created in a kaleidoscope of endless bright colors. Already known elements of their origin are there, but also new “unexplored” windows and places. The “peaceful” nature mort seem to runaway from the unwritten rules of the genre, and want to be part of the ubiquitous game of lush colors and light, of the canvases of the artist. This colorful exhibition is a clear evidence of his vital creativity, which ignores the limitations of age and offers for the viewers, aesthetic pleasure and optimistic feelings.