Artist Talk

As part of Zeta - program and projects, we offer the opportunity for a dialogue between artists participating to interact with the audiences through artist talk/ discussions and other similar events. Often these events precede exhibition openings at the Zeta Gallery space. The artist talk program brings artists into public conversation with the present public, sharing respective ideas, practices and experiences.

Artist Talks/Discussion's are free unless stated otherwise. If you’re interested in attending an artist talk/discussion please contact: through  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at: Tel: +355 42 2 666 80 mobile: +355 68 21 30 180


Robert Pichler, for ABC news television:


viti11-edi.hila 002

Edi Hila, "Year '11" presentation


zmuc-center beorad presentation

ZMUC Center - Beograd presentation


foto-2011-mars2012 308

Swedish Institute presentation


foto-2011-mars2012 026

Stefano Romano, " Would you stay a little longer"


foto-2011-mars2012 844

Presentation program


Gazmend Leka - IKARUS

Gazmend Leka - IKARUS