Ardhje AWARD 2016


 ARDHJE Award 2016

Selected artists: Donika Çina, Lek M. Gjeloshi, Matilda Odobashi, Driant Zeneli

Ardhje juries, composed by Janka Vukmir, Elsa Demo and Albert Heta, had difficulties to chosen the winner between the 4 finalists.

The winner is Lek M. Gjeloshi, a promising artist, whom artworks express a determined research, an intensity represented through delicate images. An energy that stimulate to a better understanding of the today human being. 
Helidon Gjergji and Stefano Romano were the curator for the short list selection. 

Special thanks to Zeta Gallery for its generous support to the final event.

The Jury members and artists.

The jury members and the curator.

Lek Gjeloshi, video

Driant Zeneli

Donika Çina, video instalation

Matilda Odobashi, work on paper