Romeo & Juliet -An Albanian Gypsy version



“Romeo & Juliet -An Albanian Gypsy version”

Director - Stefan Çapaliku


Roma and Gypsy Community in the city of Shkodra (Albania) is separated geographically in two parts. It is separated by BunaRiver which is at the same time it’s joining line. Both Roma and Gypsy neighborhoods use the River for fishing and washing clothes as well as for other services. That is the reason that over years, this River has turned into an apple of discordance for Roma and Gypsy people living on each side of the river.

The whole situation resembles the well-known Shakespearean tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” where the two leading families of Verona, the Montague and the Capulet had a long-standing feud between them until they get reconciled through the love of Romeo and Juliet, even though at a high price.




The film describe the process of theater production of “Romeo and Juliet” with the members of those community and its feedback.



The film is supported by:

Fondacioni Shoqeria e Hapur per Shqiperine


 with collaboration of:

Teatri " Migjeni", Shkoder

The Door - Albania