Gentian Shkurti - Fletore Vizatimi

"Drawing notebook" is a collection of three art projects that have rolled over as a childhood vocation. 

The exhibition attempts to result in the understanding of the contemporary, through the perspective and the naive childish confrontation.

In the multiplicity of the noises of information that we absorb daily, the second-by-second survivalism , or impossible aspiration, it is quite difficult to remain focused on the phenomena that surround us, (as a human being, as an artist, or even as a citizen). 

The confrontation with the essential questions, whether aesthetic, or existential, has been and will be of the utmost importance, today and always for anyone.

In the world of the superficial, appearance, spectacular, reality fireworks, or the other confusing hand of the power-holding magician, perhaps what remains is to revert to the essential questions of the childish naivety. 

To acknowledge the world as if for the first time. My exhibition modestly attempts to achieve this.

Gentian Shkurti

Selfie with photosynthesis 

In an 80's children magazine, "Horizonti", is described the process of printing the negative of a film on a hollihock leaf through sunlight and photosynthesis. In our current times, when we take millions of digital photos everyday and with the convenience technology allows, the loss of the process of touching a photograph and magic of its creation, it seems like simultaneously takes away that instant of our reflection on a photo. Turning the process in its natural form, as with this method, i feel that the image takes a deeper significance.


Conform - 2015 series/ drawings
Conformism maybe starts by writing inside the lines of the school notebook. In this graph some children have written a row from the multiplication table in the blank space, or a sentence. The notebook lines are drawn after that.

Back to the Future - 2015/2016, series of paintings on acrylic 50 cm x 70 cm 

It is a series with paintings, that attempts to illustrate parts of Albanian science fiction stories from my childhood. Simultaneously, I endeavor to stay true to the visualizations in my mind as a child at the time. I have chosen stories happening in the years 2000, which at the time appeared remote to me, but now are the present or even the past. Naturally, it was inconceivable for communism not to exist in the future. The paintings are accompanied by fragments of texts from the illustrated stories.