Shpëtim Kërçova - A landscape without horizon

 "A landscape without horizon"

Shpëtim Kërçova’s painting series is a narrowly focused journey in terms of space but so spread out in time that the shadows of the objects and subjects guide us through different seasons. The selection of landscape art does not send the author (as it would be traditionally assumed) on a journey in search of far-off places because he has chosen to explore, for more than 2 years, a green urban micro-space very close to his daily life. Kërçova’s paintings convey a sense of claustrophobia which generally characterizes our public spaces. We cohabitate with fabricated urban landscapes, constructed by man in order to create "greenery sets" among buildings, and we see how quickly the vegetation thrives by creating a life of its own. / Alketa Kurrizo

Shpëtim Kërçova was born in Durres, 1968; He graduated at the Academy of Art in Tirana, 1991.

Since 2004, he works as a lecturer at the Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tirana; He is the winner of the second Price "Onufri", 2011, organized by the National Gallery, Tirana; participated in the "M.Mulliqi" price, Art Gallery, Kosovo, 2010, 2004; Villa Croce,  Genova, Italy, 2009; Biennale of Tunisia, 2008; the Hause of Lutzowplatz, Berlin, 2008; Pavel House, Austria, 2007; Triennial of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia,  2002, etc.