Residency # 7

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foto: Alketa Ramaj



December  2 - 12, 2011

Alketa Ramaj, Donika Çina, Sokol Peçi

TICA – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art and Zeta Gallery present the final exhibition of the A.I.R. program 2011. The participating artists of A.I.R. #7 were selected among the participants of ARDHJE Award 2011. They have developed their research work while in residency during September – October 2011.All three participating artists have followed an individual path in formulating their research interests and topics. However, this individual process was combined with numerous meetings among them, to discuss debate and update each other on the current phase of development of their projects, as well as exchanging ideas or suggestions regarding the final outcome.


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Alketa Ramaj experiments with the relation between image and text, focusing on the process of perception. After taking a number of photographs, with the relation between body and environment as the main subject, she approaches a number of people of different background and asks them to react towards her photos in written word, preferably in an un-edited version of text. By exhibiting all photos and received texts in a mosaic-like setting, Ramaj attempts to discover the relation between the visual and the sayable, between what we see and what hides from our view, but reveals itself in imagination. In a few words, Ramaj tries to uncover the mechanism that gives rise to our perception of the world and the reality surrounding us.

Donika Cina uses her video camera to follow an hour of violin lesson. Central to her attention is not the automatic repetition of an exercise, but the change that occurs through repetition. Using montage to create her intervention, Cina leads us towards the obsession at the core of repetition. She’s not interested in simply documenting a violin lesson. She’s rather intent in creating a feeling of anxiety and uneasiness transmitted through the seemingly senseless, continuous interruption of the young violinist. As Cina herself says: “Through the chaos of broken sounds and background noise, I’m trying to create a new, imperfect musical piece.”

Sokol Peci’s proposal talks to us about an increasingly present concern of our global world – the relationship between Man and Nature. Focusing on the devastating effects that Man has had over Nature, as well as the fast pace this process has undergone in our neoliberal era, Peci proposes a quasi-utopian prototype that aims at easing the co-existence of Man and Nature. SKB is not a mere proposal for “more green areas”. It rather is a proposal that aims at paving the way for imagination, negotiating a possible space where Man and Nature can co-exist even within our contemporary condition of the unstoppable march of growing mega-cities. SKB is an attempt to the “de-stratification of conscience”, an attempt to re-direct our attention towards the primordial human condition – the essential relation between Man and Nature.

TICA – A.I.R. program is made possible due to the generous support from FAVA – The Foundation for Albanian Visual Arts, for the second consecutive year.


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