Contemporary Art Award: ARDHJE 2011






“ARDHJE 2011” is the consecutive edition of the contemporary art award, marking the continuation of this important event, dedicated to tracking, promoting and exhibiting a high quality selection of works from young Albanian artists. 

The works of the seven participants of this year’s award tend to address and analyse contemporary problems and phenomena by at times investigating the actual through various mediums of expression, and at other times by delving into an analysis the medium itself, as a means to reach at the actual. Their departure points are diverse, some with a strong socio-political engagement, and some with a more emotional approach; others investigate our current human condition, while others yet bring considerations towards the past, tracking its pulse at times hidden deep under, and at times strongly beating in the present. The overall picture is that of an investigation of an evasive and seemingly changing reality.     

The artists of Ardhje 2011 search for new forms of expression while bringing along new ways of thinking, pushing us to re-consider our perception of reality and history, as well as redefine our relation to the image as a complex and constantly shifting phenomena.

This year’s shortlisted artists that will compete for the artist in residency in New York City are:

Ledia Kostandini

Armando Lulaj

Ilir Kaso

Olson Lamaj

Silva Agostini

Yllka Gjollesha

Sokol Peçi


ledia kostandini ardhje 2011 3

Ledia Kostandini, “Towards Europe”,

2011, Oil on canvas, 190cm x 165 cm


The exhibition of the Grand Finale of ARDHJE 2011 is made possible due to the generous support provided by FAVA – The Foundation for Albanian Visual Arts, the only independent foundation in Albania, offering support to contemporary art, artists and artist’ initiatives.

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