Edi Hila - Meantime



June 10 - 25,  2010 

Curated by Zef Paci 

Threat, 2009, oil, 123 cm X183 cm 

In the creative course of activity by Edi Hila, a lot of changes have occurred. Changes of  both aspects, form and content, happened during two decades.
In the 90s, his creativity awakens the poetic nostalgy of a city painted with the muse of modern art dreaming, by spiritually and sincerely including a vague childhood situation.       
  Edi Hila has drifted his creative work forward to create challenging and deeply real focused pictures. He achieves this by showing an active participation role as a human being beyond the chronics and facts. He is not  a fan of ideology but a great fan of quality, instead, who can not be isolated in an autonomous life. This arstist stance gives him the opportunity to see ahead.
In the current exhibition pictures is noted a careful attitude which makes you face ‘incomplete views” where you can not easily penetrate and the images dot not allow a quick reaction in the impact moment.

The feeling of working on surface in painting domain is a mental custom of his.
Compared to previous cycles before when artists painted related to senses, 
this time, tha author has a completely different cycle, one that touches or conveys feelings of solitude, forgetfulness, threatening, fear, and of temporary situation.       

In these works one can feel suspended situations affected by  a threatening attitude. This could derive from an environment set up by humans themselves which afterwards turns to them as a boomerang.   

The painting of  ordinary objects, somewhere along the street, is an opportunity for the author to express a stubborn and mysterious relation which unites emotions and ideas; such views that are appart from a recreated reality.    


 “.... by viewing distantly the work already started, I had the feeling that you have stopped at the right place....without realizing or thinking to  myself beforehand what is going to be painted,  picture after picture, I realised  all of them were bonded by the same concern.”

In this context, the exhibition is titled “ Meantime”.
The objectives of this creation, which is affected by expressivism and powerful tension loaded in our lives,  are obvious. Objects and events are adopted in a situation full of emotions, where the anxiety of  long waiting  vanishes to paven the way for the century aspirations, the ones of communication and participation, towards which we must go appropriately.     

Zef Paci, History of Art Pedagogue,
June 2010