Edi Hila - "VITI '11"



Year '11

March 29 - April 16, 2011

Periphery, 2011, oil, 125 X 170 cm

“YEAR ‘11”

In “Year ‘11” there is, as always an displacement in the Edi Hila’s painting with a conceptual content, without mortifying the ability to be source of visual gratification. The image is saturated with a grinding pigment. This fact conducts a color sensation that indicts an accidental and strange  spiritual condition. Inside the canvases painted from the artist we can feel the risk, but also the poetry of such a tangible reality, that arraign openly its problematics. In his attentive (regardful) wandering Hila relays images from the center and the suburbs of a seemingly ghost city, with a coexistence of shadows and people, history and actuality.

Zef Paci