Gazmend Leka - BLACK BOX - kutia e zeze e qenies



January 19 -  February 5,  2011


The human being is not only earth-born, but also born of fire. The

human being belongs not only to the earth, but also to heaven.

Heaven is always in his mind like the first and only home, and

all the time he tries to return back to heaven, tries to go back to

where he started. He tries to conquer the law of gravity, to fly high

and higher, but he always falls down. Heaven does not hold him.

But the human being is used to fall down and break his nose

down on earth. He is crumbled. He is crushed in silence. But

in the chaos of his human remains, a black box is preserved –

a black box which has registered everything: screams, shouts,

sorrow, boredom, love, hate, misfortune, and finally, the passion

of creation. These all exist to testify what was happening before

the fall. It bears witness about what he did see and hear when

he was ascending and was watching down the earth. If we open

this box, we will find everything there – everything that is without

human remains – in its dark blind inside, you will find the images,

the sounds, scents, emotions.

These are personal memories. We will find signs of the ark,

monsters, civilized heroes, the days after the great flood, the

shroud of the great master, the sacrifice, the coming down toward

the secret room…

In that place, all the human being is crouched at the end of the

BEING. It is the secret place of the secrets, and you can not enter

with your hands into your pockets there, because you are totally

naked. You can only enter there when the creation is happening.

It is the moment you should see clearly and always remember

what took place. The exposition of a creator is a BLACK BOX,

the black box of the human being. I’m opening the box because

I want to watch into the darkness deep that is inside of me, but I

also want you to be my witnesses.



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