Stefano Romano - Would you stay a little longer (2)

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February 9 - 27, 2011 


Would you stay a little longer? / A do të rrish edhe pak?

Solo show by Stefano Romano at Zeta gallery in Tirana

For his first solo show at Zeta gallery in Tirana, and in general in Albania, Stefano Romano presents a group of five works, including four existing and one new (not) self-portraits, reflecting on the idea of home, family and identity, issues that the artist has explored since the beginning of his research and continues to investigate even now that he moved to Tirana.
The show's title reflects in fact the question that always people addresses him when He arrives on both sides of the Mediterranean (Italy and Albania), that is, would you stay a little longer? It has to do with his living among two situations and all that this implies.
As Francesca Boenzi wrote in her text for the exhibition:

“… The most of Stefano Romano's work regards an exchange of this kind, with the exploration of some limits within which our experience and description of the world is extended, with the possibility to overcome these limits in order to redefine the reality through our relationship with other people and places. So, the possibility of the return of the embankment that restricts us to an opened limit, like the one of a paper in which the notes and corrections that enriches a text are placed.

The works of Stefano Romano are located between an almost school exercise and a game. They are processes that start from a system of rules, from a certain discipline, although relieved from any liability. The rules are a perimeter that redefines every time the limit between us and the others, within which the participants are invited to enter, move and with whom they are invited to interact…”

The exhibition will open on Wednesday 09 February 2011 at 18.30

In the spaces of zeta gallery in Tirana and will continue till on Saturday 26 February 2011


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