GRAPHIC EXHIBITION based on the theme I.C.O.N.S.

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GRAPHIC EXHIBITION based on the theme I.C.O.N.S.

(Image of Chaos and Order in New Societies)


      “ Without the initial chaos there is no creation. And vice versa, the greater the chaos is, the greater the fertility will be, the wealth of creative thinking, the possibilities of creation. The system sterilizes and kills. Only the remains fragment is original and creative. Among other things, the systematic union leads to a unilateral statement, exclusive and anti – liberal...

                                                               J. E. Spenlé, “La Pensée Allemande”, Albin Michel, Paris 1935

This special exhibition is both part of the Tirana Architecture Week activities and of the German October events in Tirana.  It will offer the Albanian artistic scene and public, the opportunity to rediscover shared aspects of two important artistic processes that connect in an intimate way the fields of Art & Design: the printmaking techniques and free graphic drawing.

The printmaking techniques and graphic arts have always been some of the most popular and estimated art forms in Albania. Printmaking techniques and the free graphic drawings have already their own tradition in the country, although good documentation of that is lacking. This exhibition intends to show some works of contemporary printmaking and free graphic drawing to the Albanian public, thus drawing attention on the embryonic power of these artistic mediums. Based on an ambivalent theme and showing selected works from the artistic portfolios  of the participant artists, this graphic exhibition aims also to blow up reflections  about  multiple aspects  which stays  in-between yesterday’s  and  today’s contemporary societies. 

This exhibition shall be open to the public for one month. Artists of the Berliner art gallery “Manière Noire” and Albanian artists of the Tirana’s Multimedia Art & Design “MAD” center & gallery (POLIS University), shall realize this exhibition in close collaboration.

Curated by Alket Frashëri 

List of the participant artists :

Peeter Allik (Estonia); Erik Seidel (Germany);Malgorzata Et – Ber Warlikowska  (Poland);

Franca Bartholomäi  (Germany);  Majla Zeneli (Albania – Germany); Mikael Kihlman (Sweden);

Małgorzata Malwina Niespodziewana  (Poland);Agron Mesi  (Albania); Alket Frashëri  (Albania).

Places:  Zeta Gallery – Tirana,  Multimedia Art & Design center & gallery “MAD” – Polis University.

Opening :  22 October 2012 –  17 : 30 h at MAD center & gallery -Polis University TIRANA ;

19 : 00 h at ZETA gallery, Abdyl Frashëri  street, Nr.31, A4 Hekla Center TIRANA. 

The exhibition will remain open till 20 November 2012.