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Thursday, December 15, 2011 -·January 15, 2012.


Albana Shoshi, Anila Shapalaku, Edmond Gjikopulli, Edmond Papathimi, Merita Selimi, Shpetim Kerçova, Yllka Gjollesha


Anila  Shapalaku present her drawing cycle “Silent conversations”(original:'' Silenziose Conversazioni '') as a personal reflection on drawing and writing.

Referring to Leonardo Da Vinci book:” Thoughts on the universe”- drawing is a language which can make you achieve significant results.

On this book the great artist writes: “You writer, what worlds you will use to describe what the artist sublimely has drawn?”

On this question the artist, has build up the project reflecting on the intimate relationship between writing and drawing, the same code they use by using the characters and they story as the “nodes” which link the mediums, telling and drawing.

The drawings of Albana Shoshi use as central characters the children’s. The first one:

“Once upon a time, there was a Star”she turns back on here childhood time and use images of her wearing the formal “yllka” dress with the communist star , within a composition were no faces are shown. She reflect on the de- personalization of the person during the former regime and by using the bold symbolic of star she put question marks on the relationship we have with the past today.

In to the other drawing “Dummy’s or children’s” she give attention to the children’s life today. They are located in row one after the other, with the same look, and are presumed to represent their world, but the fact is they are living in to the world the others had build for them.

Merita Selimipresents here some old artworks, from the distant year 1992. She involves in her compositions subject like: The weeding, The Morning or The dream.  She uses strong symbolic and the delicate medium of pencil in paper.

Shpëtim Kërçova present to us, three grey surfaces, from which, comes out some abstracts subjects. They seam to be drawn thoughts, or some hermetic forms. They are in the same time part of some bigger composition and authentic artworks by them self.

Yllka Gjollesha’s and Edmond Gjikopulli’s artworks are mixed technique on paper in small dimensions. The artists use color and pencil to present these small harmonic compositions with no subject or no title.

Edmond Papathimi presents this surreal cycle of ink drawings on paper he developed during the period 2002-2006. His subjects are related to national folklore and he use signs, letters, objects and other motives mixed together in small and medium size demanding compositions. His artwork titles are difficult to translate as they use an authentic Albanian they are: “Gjuhë, gjerb etura” ,”Stani” , “Gjurëzimi”  and “Me vu veten në vend”


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